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What follows is coverage of the February 28 presidential news conference. I focused mostly on the questions posited by the media. Video of the most biased questions should be posted shortly thereafter. [Update: White House transcript available here.]

Bottom line: Most of the really biased questions came down on the economy, particularly with regard to gas prices. Other than that and a question by Bill Plante about FISA immunity for telecom companies, most of the questions were fine, although the reporters often tried to draw Bush into handicapping the 2008 presidential contest or commenting on how his policies affect Sen. John McCain's chances:

Audio available here (1.28 MB| 2:50).

10:52 | end of news conference.

10:50 | Mark Smith, AP radio with question on tax break policy for oil companies and how Bush's position has shifted over the years.

10:47 | Olivier Knox, AFP: Do you think athletes at the Olympics should be able to express their dissent?

10:47 | Unid'd male reporter: Where does the people's right to know this weigh into all that [the prez library funding]

10:46 | Unid'd male reporter: Now that you've found a location for your presidential library... do you believe its important for the American people to know who's giving to your library, will you disclose how much and who?

10:43 | Peter Maer, CBS Radio: With the prospect of $4 gasoline...What kind of hope can you offer people? - Media Research Center10:42 | Ed Chen, LAT: Our economy is increasingly relying on U.S. exports to keep the economy going. How important is a strong dollar?

10:40 | Stolberg, NYT: You said you want a sustainable policy in Iraq. You've said that you want to leave Iraq in a sustainable situation. Can you describe specifically what you mean by sustainable?

10:38 | Sheryl Stolberg, NYT: with question on reaction to Obama on Iraq

10:35 | Mike Abramovitz, Washington Post: I'd like to ask you about another issue on the campaign trail. Some have suggested that we woud be better off if we talked to our adversaries like Iran or Cuba without precondition. You've rejected that. Can you give up some insight into your thinking about this and what's lost when you embrace this?

10:33 | Mike Emanuel, Fox News: On FISA do you worry some Democratic leaders are playing a high stakes game of wait and see? To see if we don't get attacked?

10:29 | John McKinnon, Wall Street Journal: There's been a lot of criticism on the campaign trail of NAFTA. Just given all the concerns about the economy... do you think that you could win in a state like Ohio were you running again for President?

10:28 | Unid'd female reporter: What is the delay there and what are Americans to make of no replacement having been made for (national security adviser) Fran Townsend

10:24 | Bill Plante, CBS: If you can get Congress to protect telecoms, there's no recourse for Americans... If Americans don't have any recourse, are you telling them when it comes to their privacy to suck it up?

10:22 | Jon Karl, ABC: Do you believe a rapid pullout from Iraq like the Democrats favor would give a greater threat of terrorist attack at home?

10:20 | Gregory, NBC: Are you worried he's [Dmitri Medvedev] a puppet for Putin? Is there something you took away and can offer to your successer about sizing up your Russian counterpart?

10:18 | David Gregory, NBC: What would be your cautionary tale to your successor about the threat Russia poses?

10:17 | Matt Spetalnick, Reuters: How quickly would you like to see Turkey end its incursion into Iraq.

10:15 | Bush gives timeline for direct deposit of tax rebates and tax rebate checks

10:14 | Terence Hunt, AP: Bad economic news continues to pile up. Are you concerned bad economic times will help defeat McCain like it helped defeat your father?

10:13 | Bush addressing subprime mortgage problems. Says Congress should "modernize" the FHA and Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

10:12 | Bush says those who say he refused to acknowledge setbacks in Iraq are same ones refusing to admit there is progress in Iraq with surge.

10:11 | Bush notes success of the surge.

10:10 | Bush says House's inaction raises risk of an intelligence gap.

10:09 | Bush says Congress must extend civil suit immunity to telecoms cooperating with the govt. on FISA requests

10:07 | President Bush gives opening statement for press conference.

Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd is a writer living in New Carrollton, Md.