WaPo Stifles Yawn at News of Falling Casualty Rates in Iraq

Given that it's Halloween, we can't let the day go by without noting the ghoulish MSM habit of burying good news from the Iraq War.

Blogger Don Surber noticed the latest such example with the October 31 edition of the Washington Post:

Winning the war is ho-hum

Stories the Washington Post thought were more important than “Attacks in Iraq Continue to Decline

I wrote about this last night, but it still bugs me that the Washington Post put on Page 14 today: “Attacks in Iraq Continue to Decline.”

While the headline made it seem like old news, the fact is it is not. Ace of Spades complained that WaPo rationalized burying an Oct. 7 report of a decline in deaths on Page 14. Said Ace: “The Washington Post was right not to play this up too much, Robin Wright lectured us, because there was no evidence it was a trend.”

Rather Clintonian. Deny first, then later say it is old news: MoveOn.

So, what did WaPo think was more important than fewer GIs dying in Iraq?

Surber answers that question at his blog in more detail here, but here are some of the things the Post thought more front-page worthy: black holes -- where gravity is so strong not even light can escape -- and the Democratic debate on MSNBC -- where the bias was so strong viewers couldn't escape the inane "swift-boating" question from Brian Williams.

A comprehensive treatment of bias from the Washington Post can be found in the NewsBusters archives here.

Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd is a writer living in New Carrollton, Md.