Conventionally Biased: Newsweek's CW Slams 'Heartless' Malkin

As my colleague Tim Graham has noted before, Newsweek's "Conventional Wisdom Watch" is a reliable weekly rehash of liberal conventional wisdom. Indeed, as Tim noted in a March 25 blog entry:

It really would be more honest for Newsweek to call it "Newsweek Consensus Watch." Or "What We Say To Each Other Over Lunch."

It looks like not much has changed in the past six month, as the crew at CW tapped into left-wing blogger outrage over conservative bloggers who smelled something fishy with the Democratic poster family for SCHIP, the Frosts of Baltimore, Md.:

arrow upM. Malkin

Heartless right-wing blogger attacks 12-year-old brain-injury victim over insurance. Sick.

As I noted earlier today, Newsweek's competition at Time magazine has been bellowing similar outrage. Indeed, Karen Tumulty's "Swift-Boating of Graeme Frost" October 10 article title sounded like rhetoric slung around by registered commenters on the liberal Think Progress blog two days earlier:

I may have missed it in the confusion, but did any of our resident trolls address the actual point of the thread? Do they have anything to say about the manner in which right wing bloggers have attempted to smear a 12 year old kid and his family for purely ideological purposes?


No, gummitch. It’s just a different version swift boating for them. Scoring points on the misfortunes of others by lying about them if they don’t toe the line.

Michael J. Fox - phony
Injuried vets - phony
12-yr-old kid hospitalized for 6 months - phony

I’m still looking for an expose from Malkin, et al on those snowflake babies that peppered the stage with W when he vetoed stem cell research. Hey, when you allow yourself to be used, you’re fair game.


I’m really shocked that Michelle Malkin has sicced her goons on a 12 year old boy suffering the effects of a car accident.
Malkin and her Swiftboaters are pond scum.[...]hterrya, I have written to my Congressman (Doggett, D-TX) so that he’s aware that the righties are shamelessly swift boating this boy and his family. 

Tumulty's article concluded: "Politics has never been a gentle game. As far back as 1895, satirist Finley Peter Dunne's fictional saloonkeeper Martin Dooley observed that women, children and prohibitionists would do well to stay out of it, because 'politics ain't beanbag.' But surely, even Mr. Dooley could never have imagined a day would come when a mere seventh grader could be swift-boated."

Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd is a writer living in New Carrollton, Md.