Hsu Still a 'HillRaiser' According to Clinton Web Site; When Will Media Catch On?

Hillary Clinton fundraiser and recently-captured fugitive from justice Norman Hsu is STILL listed as a major "HillRaiser" on Hillary Clinton's campaign Web site, reports blogger Flip Pidot:

While Clinton has pledged to turn over some of this money (only Hsu's direct contributions, representing roughly 13% of her total haul from Hsu's network) and has professed bewilderment at the man's colorful legal history and recent behavior, she hasn't yet taken the one very easy (and admittedly fairly meaningless, but nonetheless advisable) step of removing Hsu from her list of vaunted HillRaisers.

At least she hadn't as of 2:50 pm on September 6th. What gives? If Hsu turns himself in (again) and heads off to prison, is that sufficient contrition for Clinton to welcome him back into the fold? Is this failure to fully sever Mr. Hsu from the campaign deliberate or just careless (and mildly comical)?

There's your screenshot for posterity. Let's see how long it takes for Team Hillary to rectify.

Update: 8 pm Thursday: Hsu still a HillRaiser.

Update: 9:30 am Friday: Hsu still a HillRaiser.

Update: 3 pm Friday: Hsu still a HillRaiser.

The Clinton campaign vowed to take Hsu's money and give it to charity, yet his name remains on a list of proud Hillary backers. Oversight or not, it's an embarrassing Web gaffe suitable for mainstream media reporting. But then this is a Clinton, and it's a fundraising scandal. Can you hear that collective YAWN from the MSM?

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