Olbermann Readers Scoff at Oklahoma 'War on Terrorism' License Plates

Recently Oklahoma officials announced a deadline extension to order special license plates dedicated to the global war on terrorism. Oklahoma is not the only state that has one. Virginia has had one for years that reads "Fight Terrorism" and features a Pentagon, the Twin Towers, and an American flag.

In other words, this is nothing new and its an unremarkable story. Except for MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, whose staff ran the item in his blog "The NewsHole" with no comment, letting his left-wing loyalists provide the yuks. The August 2 headline, however, was a snarky, dismissive phrase: "Ridin' In Style."

While some commenters found the new plate non-controversial and wondered what the big deal was, others took the chance to mock the design.

One "T. Brooks" from Oklahoma even pulled a Natalie Maines, all while referencing a classic country hit:

I'm no longer proud to be an Okie from Muskogee.

One "Debbie G." from New York City suggested that "given the thought process, a picture of Yosemite Sam would be more fitting."

As I've noted before, there are some items on Web logs for which it makes little sense to have an open comments section. This item isn't exactly one of the subject areas I had in mind, but the license plate post seems to be designed for little more than to give loyal Olbermann lackeys space to crack jokes about Oklahomans, conservatives, and the war on terror in general, or to rail on about how overblown the war on terrorism is in their minds.





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