WashPost Puts Positive Soldier Story On Page 11. T-11.

I found a rarity in Iraq media coverage in the August 2 Washington Post: a positive story on U.S. troops in Iraq. And it was on page 11. Not A-11 or B-11 but T-11, or the 11th page of my "Prince George's Extra," a special tabloid section that comes with Thursday editions of the Washington Post.

Home delivery subscribers get the local extra section tailored to their respective county or city of residence. Glancing over the front page of the Extra section, I spotted this teaser headline: "Military Matters. Puppets are helping soldiers connect with children in Iraq."

I flipped to page 11 and sure enough found a positive "Military Matters" story by reporter Steve Vogel. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait two weeks to see if the next one is similarly upbeat.

"Military Matters is published twice each month in the Extras," a note at the bottom of Vogel's article read.



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