So liberal Democrats don't have mind-numbing talking points?

A regular feature on Anderson Cooper 360 is a recurring segment where Anderson relaying the White House talking points of the day, as seen from the daily White House press briefing.

Cooper revisited this theme yesterday showing McClellan's responses to a barrage of questions on the Plame leak investigation on two consecutive days, July 11 and 12. Cooper then remarked: "There was enough spin in Washington today to give you whiplash. The Democrats are rallying their forces to attack, the Republicans seem to be playing both defense and offense. Just a little over an hour ago, Ken Mehlman, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, was on CNN, on Wolf Blitzer, and we kept noticing him repeating the same phrases and points over and over. Point number one, this is just partisan politics, he said, from those crafty liberals."

He then showed clips of Mehlman laying out his arguments in defense of Rove, arguments in effect summarily dismissed as typical partisan talking points by Cooper.

So can we expect a "talking points" feature from Cooper focusing on the left-wing and Democratic talking points aimed at Rove as a "traitor" or a threat to national security?

Don't hold your breath.

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