Rosie O'Donnell Admits to Dropping Out of College with Low Grades

Rosie O’Donnell, who once said it is "physically impossible" for fire to melt steel, shockingly revealed she did not make it through college. Promoting her new book "Crafty U" on the April 8 edition of "Martha," Rosie admitted she was not able to get through a real university. Rosie also recounted bitter memories from "The View."

Fawning over Martha Stewart’s intellect, Rosie implied she does not match up as she confessed to dropping out of Boston University with a 1.62 grade point average. She claimed she was too busy working at the local comedy club to focus on her classes. [Audio available here.]

Later in the same segment, Rosie discussed her experience on "The View" noting "it’s hard for me when I’m not the boss." This is stating the obvious for the viewers that witness her bully another co-host and nearly mistakenly referred to "The View" as "The Rosie O’Donnell Show." Rosie added "there was a little Republican who scared me," referring to Elisabeth Hasselbeck who stood up to Rosie in the end.

The transcript of the two exchanges is below.

ROSIE O’DONNELL: I dropped out of school. I had a 1.62 grade point average. You know what that is?

MARTHA STEWART: A one-six what?

O’DONNELL: A 1.62. That’s a D minus.

STEWART: Yeah that’s not so good.

O’DONNELL: That’s a doggie dash mark.

STEWART: They don’t want you to stay if you’re not really trying.

O’DONNELL: They didn’t want me to stay.

STEWART: She tried in other things didn’t she?

O’DONNELL: Yeah, I guess so.

STEWART: She didn’t do so badly, unbelievable.

O’DONNELL: What happened was I started working at the comedy clubs when I was in Boston at Boston University. So then I couldn’t get up in the morning for all of my classes.

STEWART: Of course not. How could you?

O’DONNELL: Right. I had priorities, you know. My parents were thrilled to be spending $20,000 for college and have me miss every class.


O’DONNELL: I haven’t worked since 2002 aside from "The View." Take a lock. Let’s not mention it. [laughter] Anyway-

STEWART: And, you know, you did really well on "The View."

O’DONNELL: Oh, I tried my best but you know it’s hard for me when I’m not the boss. You know what I mean Martha?

STEWART: I know. We know.

O’DONNELL: There were people telling me what to do. There was a little Republican who scared me. [laughter] The whole thing, you know.