Liberal Name Caller Behar Denounces Conservative 'Name Calling'

Joy Behar once again scolded conservatives for inflammatory rhetoric without realizing her own hypocrisy. On the February 28 edition of "The View," the panel spoke highly of the late William F. Buckley before Behar jumped in to compare the conservative icon to modern day conservatives. Behar chastised those who "name call and yell about things." Perhaps she should chastise herself.

In a span of a year, Behar called the Bush administration "liars and murderers," opponents of embryonic stem cell research "the extreme religious right," men "idiots" who "think with Mr. Happy," and suggested Republicans attend "Klan meetings." If Behar is concerned about name calling, she should clean up her own glass house first.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck noted that "we tend to high light those on the extremes." Hasselbeck pointed to Michael Moore as an example on the left, but could have mentioned former "View" panelist and September 11 conspiracy theorist Rosie O’Donnell.

The transcript is below.

JOY BEHAR: But I think that he would be very disappointed. I think he is probably, he just died. He has been- he disagreed with Bush on invading Iraq, and he believed that marijuana should be legalized. This is a conservative thinker mind you. And so it’s interesting to see where conservatism has come to. This guy, Cunningham, who attacked Barack Obama the other day, and John McCain had to apologize for it. He called himself a conservative. I don’t see that he can shine the shoes of William Buckley. Even some of the other pundits, so called, on television, who name call and yell about things. And he said about Barack, he called him Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama. Why did he have to put Mohammed in there? That’s not his name. That’s just to imply that he is connected to terrorism in some way. That is not a conservative position.



GOLDBERG: Go ahead.

HASSELBECK: I was just thinking that, you know, unfortunately we’re in a world where we kind of, we tend to high light those on the extremes. And there are incredible ways of dealing with things. There are intelligent ways of dealing with things. And then there are extreme ways of dealing with things. And unfortunately, those are the flashy ones, like what you are just mentioning, that are not typically aligned with the conservative moment. And-

BEHAR: Yeah, but they call themselves conservative, like Rush Limbaugh is another one.

HASSELBECK: Like Michael Moore calls himself a liberal. Do all liberals agree with Michael Moore? No.

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