Joy Behar Finds Ralph Nader 'Sexy'

"View" co-host and reliable left winger Joy Behar, who previously exclaimed to have the "hots" for Bill Clinton, announced another political figure she is infatuated with: Ralph Nader. Discussing Nader’s announced presidential candidacy on the February 25 edition, Behar noted the 75 year old candidate "looks fantastic," and "I find him sexy."

All of the co-host appeared shocked that Joy would find Nader sexy. Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked "what is wrong with you?" with a bewildered expression, Whoopi Goldberg inquired "who?" Even normally mild mannered Barbara Walters joked "your eyes are going with your memory."

Behar also fawned over Nader’s "intelligence" and that he is "on the right side of the issues very, very, very often." Why? Nader called the Bush administration a "criminal and recidivistic regime," and "the most multipliable impeachable president in American history."

At the end, Behar reminded the audience again of her lust for Bill Clinton nothing he is " the sexiest. That big head of his just drives me wild, with passion! That hair!" Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd recommended applying for an internship. Barbara Walters asked what happened to her last night.

The transcript is below.

JOY BEHAR: But you know, if he were to win the presidency and McCain stayed in the Senate, McCain would be the junior senator to Ralph Nader, who is 75 years old.

BARBARA WALTERS: He didn’t look it, by the way.

BEHAR: No, he looks fantastic! I find him sexy as a matter of fact, which normally-



HASSELBECK: What is wrong with you?


BEHAR: Ralph Nader!

SHEPHERD: Ralph Nader?


HASSELBECK: No, no, no.

WALTERS: Your eyes are going with your memory.

SHEPHERD: What happens in your mind, Joy? What about Ralph Nader-

HASSELBECK: What about him is sexy to you?

SHEPHERD: What is sexy?

GOLDBERG: Don’t even tell me! Don’t even tell me!

BEHAR: Let me tell you why.

WALTERS: This is a man who ran about want everything to be green, you know, and hurt the man who has been more for greening of the world, Al Gore, than anyone.

BEHAR: Because he, he is the most articulate on his position of anybody I’ve heard so far. When he says that the Republicans are not going to win, he says "do you think Americans are going to vote for a Republican like McCain who allies himself with the criminal recidivistic regime of George Bush and Dick Cheney, the most multipliable impeachable president in American history?"

GOLDBERG: Well, what is the word that he just said?

BEHAR: Well, wait a minute. That is just poetry!

GOLDBERG: I don’t understand what he’s saying

HASSELBECK: Wait a minute, so-

GOLDBERG: It is garbage if nobody knows what it means. What does it mean? I don’t know what the word means!

BEHAR: Which one, perpetual intervention?

SHEPHERD: And recidivistic.

BEHAR: Recidivistic, meaning backwards, like they’re in the 18th century.

GOLDBERG: Well, why not say backwards? See, this is why I’m not going to talk to him.

BEHAR: Because he’s too smart!

GOLDBERG: Well, that’s why he can’t be president! I need somebody who could be, who could explain, who could say "Whoopi, we’re going backwards. I don’t like it." Then I say "yes Ralph, I’m on your side, you’re right."


BEHAR: It’s not the power. It’s the intelligence and the fact that he is on the right side of the issues very, very, very often. And I find him cute. Why can’t I find him cute?


BEHAR: Frankly, I still think Bill Clinton tops all of them. He’s the sexiest. That big head of his just drives me wild, with passion! That hair!

HASSELBECK: You should get an internship.

WALTERS: Joy, Joy, what happened to you last night?


SHEPHERD: Get an internship.

WALTERS: Did you get it or did you not get it? I don’t know what happened to you.

BEHAR: You never know, do you?

GOLDBERG: No, you never know, because she’s not- [pause] we’re going to be right back with even more hot topics.

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