Will Elisabeth Hasselbeck Support Hillary Clinton?

Is ‘The View’s’ token non-liberal Elisabeth Hasselbeck drifting leftwards? In a letter to Barbara Walters she hinted she may actually vote for Senator Hillary Clinton. On the November 19 edition of "The View," creator and co-host Barbara Walters read a letter from Elisabeth Hasselbeck updating the co-hosts on her new born baby Taylor Thomas and the congratulatory letter she received from Senator Clinton.

"Well, you know if you watch the show, you that Elisabeth is our resident Republican. Okay, alright? Fine. Taylor Thomas received an official letter from Senator Hillary Clinton today, wishing him well. She said ‘truly a most thoughtful and warm act. I may actually change my vote.’" [applause]

Hasselbeck is usually the sole right of center voice on "The View," typically outnumbered two to one and sometimes three to one. She gained much of her fame from the notorious on air fight with former co-host Rosie O’Donnell. If this conversion turns to be true, there will be no voices on "The View," going into the 2008 election, providing a Republican perspective.