CBS's Schieffer on Biden: 'He Has a Habit of Making These Boners.'

Update (12:13 EDT): Video and audio links below.

CBS’s Bob Schieffer offered commentary on Senator and presidential candidate Joe Biden, but one would think he was describing former President Bill Clinton. On the May 2 edition of "The Early Show" host Harry Smith and Schieffer were ironically discussing a recent gaffe by Senator Biden, when Schieffer stated the Delaware Senator "has a habit of making these boners." Presumably Schieffer meant to say "blunders." For the record, Senator Biden’s gaffe was video of him telling a prospective voter that Democrats were "going to shove [the president’s veto] down his throat."

Video (0:20): Real (568 kB), or Windows (631 kB), plus MP3 (275 kB).

Update (16:34 EDT): Ace of Spades picked up on our item. "Is this guy trying to tell us something?" he snarks.


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