Rush Limbaugh Cites BMI 'Fire & Ice' Study

The Business & Media Institute study "Fire & Ice," which examined media hysteria over global warming and global cooling in the past 100 years was cited by "The Rush Limbaugh Show" on July 18.

"But this puts the blame for all of this hysteria on global warming exactly where it belongs, and that is the media!  Now, for a hundred years we've had wacko scientists trying to advance agendas, and if the agenda happens to fit the media -- and the agenda here, by the way, is chaos.  The agenda is crisis," Limbaugh said about the study.

You can read the entire transcript here or listen to audio on the BMI Web site.

Julia A. Seymour
Julia A. Seymour
Julia A. Seymour is the Assistant Managing Editor for the MRC's Business and Media Institute.