Media Finally Covers Obama’s Connection With Terrorist Ayers

We called out the lack of media coverage on Obama’s friendship with William Ayers of the radical terrorist group from the 1960’s called the Weather Underground over a month ago. Until last night’s debate the media coverage was almost zero, with the exception of Fox News’ Sean Hannity. However, Obama was finally cornered with the question at last night’s debate by George Stephanopoulos. His answer was very lacking, and quite revealing on how radical his thinking is. In his attempt to spin, he actually compared his friendship with a terrorist to his friendship with Republican Tom Coburn.

The left side of the blogosphere are reacting to ABC actually asking tough questions by calling for shutting down free speech.

It’s time to shut FOX news network down, revoke their broadcast license, force them into bankruptcy, and deport Rupert Murdoch back to Australia.

The above is just one example of their reactions. Perfunction has a great roundup.

As a result of last night’s question, the media are finally starting to cover the topic. It is a major story in the New York Times, Politico, the New York Post, and the left wing Guardian in Great Britain. It is the most curious of all Barack Obama’s problematic relationships and calls into question not only his judgement but the core of his political beliefs.

Rick Moran has a great post that asks the questions the media need to dig into. He concludes:

This information along with the fact that Obama served with Ayers on the Board of the Woods Foundation, gives the lie to Obama’s claim that he doesn’t know Ayers very well. And both of those forums at U of C were set up by none other than Michelle Obama in her capacity as University of Chcago PR executive; evidently she too saw nothing wrong in glad handing with terrorists. Granted, much of the new coverage by the media is no more than spin and defense of Obama, but I guess its a start. At least people are being informed enough to start questioning.

It is beyond belief that the press is just now getting around to this, the most incredible of all Obama radical associations. And the scary thought is that it will change few minds about Obama and his hypocritical brand of “new politics.”


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