CBS Hits Hillary Again

Just as Noel Sheppard and Rich Noyes noted rare kudos to the "better late than never" coverage done by CBS in exposing Hillary's fabrications on her Bosnia trip as First Lady, I too was shocked that a major news outlet was actually giving the story coverage.  I know that many Newsbusters readers were as well.

Be prepared to be doubly shocked.  CBS did follow-up coverage with video again tonight.

Hillary had originally hyped her foreign policy experience with a lie that she landed there under sniper fire and that the welcoming committee was cancelled.  Newsbusters exposed the lie and CBS video surfaced showing the world beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary was caught in a lie. 

She is now spinning and back pedaling double-time, however she isn't doing it very well.  She doesn't seem to know when to stop digging.  She is now coming out with even more outrageous lies like, "for the first time in 12 or so years I misspoke.''  I think she should try that crying trick again.