Actor Kevin Sorbo: ‘In the Last Two Elections If You Didn’t Vote For Obama You’re Considered Racist’

Conservative actor Kevin Sorbo had some harsh words about the state of politics in America today. Sorbo appeared on “The Steve Malzberg Show” on March 17 to discuss his newest project “God’s Not Dead” and to share is thoughts on being a conservative actor.

Appearing on Maltzberg’s show Monday, Sorbo laughed at the idea that “In the last two elections if you didn’t vote for Obama you’re considered racist” and asked “what does racism have to do with it?” The star of Hercules went on to mock liberals who said they would vote for Obama “because he’s black, it would be cool to have a black president” which Sorbo argued is “racist” because “if I said I’m voting for McCain because he’s a white guy you’d call me a racist.” [See video beginning at 8:48 below.]

Sorbo continued with his takedown of liberals by observing how “it’s such a weird reverse thing, no matter if you say anything negative about anybody nowadays they want to play the race card and it’s insane. I just don’t believe in his politics. When somebody says they want to fundamentally change America. If my wife said I want to fundamentally change you before we get married, I would have walked out the back door.

Sorbo doubled-down in his condemnation of Obama by encouraging Americans to “vote with your heart. Use common sense, but today people don’t want facts, they don’t want the truth and that’s sad.” The “Hercules” star went on to proclaim that “Benghazi and the IRS are bigger than Watergate. If this were a Republican in office right now, they’d be screaming, the press would be screaming.”   

In addition to condemning the state of politics since Obama’s election, Sorbo lamented at how “morals are declining and I don’t care if you’re religious or not. Morals are declining. The country is going under. We’re getting worse and worse and everything is okay according to half the population in this country. Not everything is okay.”

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