MSNBC’s ‘Reid Report’ Set To Debut Today: Joy Reid’s 10 Worst Attacks on Conservatives

MSNBC is slated to undergo a major shakeup in its daytime lineup on Monday February 24, and one of its newest hosts is the network’s own Joy-Ann Reid. The former press aide to Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign in Florida claims that her new show will not be an “hour of why Republicans suck” but given her long history of making disparaging comments towards conservatives it’s hard to take her statement seriously.

So, in honor of Ms. Reid’s most infamous moments as an MSNBC contributor, we have compiled a list of her “greatest” hits so our readers can get a preview of what “The Reid Report” will look like. [See video below.]

  • On “Meet the Press” Reid said that the only “sane” way to boost economy is more spending and higher Called Black and Hispanics Republicans mere “Window-Dressing
  • Claimed that GOP “Shot a Hostage” by Shutting Down the Government 

Given Reid’s history of attacking conservatives every chance she can, it seems highly unlikely that “The Reid Report” won’t be anything more than an “hour of why Republicans suck.” Her show should fit in nicely with MSNBC’s 24/7 programming designed to smear GOP and act as DNC spokesmen.

Jeffrey Meyer
Jeffrey Meyer
Jeffrey Meyer was a News Analyst at the Media Research Center.