Chris Wallace Calls Out Susan Rice For Skipping Fox, Not Wanting ‘To Answer The Tough Questions’ On Benghazi

National Security Advisor Susan Rice gave her first televised Sunday interview since her infamous Benghazi interview in 2012 on February 23, and rather than answer tough questions on the terrorist attack, she chose instead to give a softball interview to David Gregory of NBC’s Meet the Press.

For his part, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace called out Ms. Rice for her refusal to appear on his show and accused the Obama official of not wanting to “answer the tough questions we would have asked” on Benghazi and a wide variety of foreign policy issues. [See video below.]

Unlike the rest of the media, Wallace correctly pointed out that “Fox has led the way in questioning how the administration handled Benghazi” and Rice has been treated with kid gloves on the issue. Wallace has a strong history of asking his guests tough questions and refuses to accept spin for an answer, something that according to Wallace, Ms. Rice was not prepared to handle. It would have been nice for Ms. Rice to have granted an actual interview rather than have an unchallenged conversation with David Gregory. 

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