Leno: Pot Impairs Young People, Makes Them 'More Likely to Sign Up for Obamacare'

Jay Leno had some harsh words for President Obama last night. Speaking on the Tonight Show, Leno said that, “President Obama has a new political slogan. Yes we cannabis!

The long time Tonight Show host is ending his tenure at NBC in a few weeks and has used the opportunity to mock President Obama at every turn. One of his favorite targets has been the disastrous ObamaCare rollout, which he took full aim at on Thursday night. [See the full video below.]

After mocking President Obama’s announcement that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol, Leno took the president head on:

Doctors warn that pot smoking impairs young peoples' thinking. Which of course makes them more likely to sign up for ObamaCare.

It’s unfortunate that NBC has chosen once again to give Mr. Leno the boot from the Tonight Show. Leno has proven to be one of the few comedians unafraid to take shots at President Obama and his humor will surely be missed.

Jeffrey Meyer
Jeffrey Meyer
Jeffrey Meyer was a News Analyst at the Media Research Center.