Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky: ObamaCare Will be ‘Net Plus’ For Dems in 2014

The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky seems to have an obsession with using his column to provide cover for Democrats and President Obama, especially over the failed healthcare law known as ObamaCare. 

In his most recent piece published this morning, Tomasky desperately tried to convince his readers that, “Obamacare’s Back” and that he “[t]old you so.” During his weak attempt to sell the healthcare law, Tomasky proclaims that “as predicted, by next fall, the law is going to be a net plus for Obama and the Democrats.” Don’t mind the millions of Americans being forced off their health care plans or the numerous businesses being forced to violate their religious conscious to cover contraception, the law according to Tomasky is a huge success.

Despite the tiny sliver of Americans actually able to purchase health insurance through Healthcare.gov, Tomasky asserted that, “enrollment is essentially quadrupling. If that pace were to continue, the 7 million figure would be cleared in March.” Tomasky argued that because “About 70 million citizens will enjoy free—free—preventive care for a range of services that typically weren’t covered at all before or at best were covered and required a co-pay” they will ignore the fact that they have lost their health insurance and reward Democrats with an electoral victory in 2014.

It’s still unclear how these supposed 70 million Americans will enjoy free preventive care if they have been dumped from their insurance and have no way of actually purchasing health insurance from the healthcare website. But facts don’t seem to matter to Tomasky, as he never mentions the higher premiums millions of Americans are experiencing thanks to ObamaCare, not to mention President Obama’s oft-repeated lie over the past few years that Americans could keep their insurance plan if they liked it.

Instead, Tomasky asserted:

The rollout won’t be a hurricane. It will be a calm rain, a steady shower of reality across the country that may never achieve quite enough force to trump inside-the-Beltway perception but will be strong enough to change many people’s minds around the country.

If that weren’t enough, Tomasky concluded his ObamaCare fantasy by predicting that:

In two more years’ time, and indeed less than that, many millions of Americans will see that what they thought was decent health insurance before the Affordable Care Act was like gaslight before electricity. If that’s wishful thinking, it’s for their sake, not the president’s.

In Tomasky’s world, after millions of Americans are dumped from health care plans that they like and then are forced into ObamaCare exchanges, they will miraculously love the results. If that’s not wishful thinking, I don’t know what is. 

P.S.: Although he's a frequent guest on MSNBC, it seems Tomasky didn't get the memo. According to the Lean Forward network's Melissa Harris-Perry, by using the term “ObamaCare” in his headline, Tomasky is making President Obama feel “inferior and unequal and to diminish his accomplishments.”

Jeffrey Meyer
Jeffrey Meyer
Jeffrey Meyer was a News Analyst at the Media Research Center.