WashPost Hypes Piece Declaring ‘Climate Change Is Killing Us’

The liberal media’s paranoia that “climate change” will have disastrous consequences for our planet has reached new heights in an May 31 article in the front section of The Washington Post. In a 14-paragraph piece for the Washington Forum opinion page, the Post carried the lament of Phillip Muller, the foreign minister of the Marshall Islands, to groan that the very livelihood of his people is in jeopardy.

Of course, Muller is angling for, what else, cash from various governments, including the U.S., and accordingly from the American taxpayer.

Muller began his guest piece in the Washington Forum page by lamenting that “For almost 70 years, my country, the Marshall Islands, has been fighting for its survival. Unfortunately, the threats we face are the result of forces we cannot control.”

"Climate change has become the No. 1 threat to my country and our people," Muller complained, pleading with the Post’s readers -- presumably aiming to influence congressmen and their staffers -- claiming that “we desperately need assistance from abroad” because “for the world’s lowest-lying countries, including my own, this is a death sentence.”

Muller claimed that the World Bank, “predicts that we are on track to a rise of 4 degrees Celsius in temperatures by the end of this century. This would mean a rise in sea levels of three to seven feet.”

Muller then pulled at the heart strings of the readers, describing the supposed dire situation in his country:

My people are not only thirsty and hungry, they are also getting sick. The drying water wells are contaminated with bacteria and salt. Diarrhea, pink eye, flu and other drought-related diseases are on the rise, particularly among children, and we are on the brink of a much wider outbreak. With no significant rain forecast until at least July, the situation is likely to get worse.

Muller went on to call for a new “Marshall Plan for a new low-carbon global economy” trying to “raise the alarm and lead by example.”

The Post’s decision to push a story about a country of less than 70,000 to argue on behalf of “climate change” is no different then President Obama surrounding himself with children to push gun control. Playing to the emotions of their readers rather than dealing with facts seems to be a convenient tactic employed by the Post, as it seeks to advance global “climate change” legislation.

Muller’s piece concluded by pleading for continued action:

We call on not just governments but also intergovernmental organizations, the private sector and civil society to sign to our declaration with their own measurable commitments aimed at averting a climate catastrophe. The world must answer our clarion call. Otherwise, our paradise and many like it will be lost forever.

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