Sports Illustrated Columnist Peter King Bemoans Coulter's Critique of 'Liberal Newspapers'

Perhaps it was her attack on his NBC "Football Night In America" colleague Keith Olbermann that spurred this reaction. But, for whatever reason, Sports Illustrated columnist Peter King dedicated a paragraph to conservative heroine Ann Coulter in the unlikeliest of places.

King, without citing the specific instance, aimed his attack at Coulter in his March 16 "Monday Morning QB" Sports column. It made No. 10, Section b in the article headline "Ten Things I Think I Think."

"Thanks, Ann Coulter, for reveling in the decline of the liberal newspapers," King wrote. "Nice of you to be making the great money you obviously make while hard-working reporters and editors and photographers -- from liberal and conservative papers alike -- are being put on the street every day. This is a crisis without ideological fault lines, sister. And the New York Times isn't going anywhere."

The New York Times may not be going anywhere, but its stock price (NYSE:NYT) has  fallen hard in recent weeks.  It's currently trading at $4.11 a share, but only after falling to its 26-year low of $3.44 share price.

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