Carville: Bush 'Most Disastrous, Incompetent and Corrupt Administration in Modern American History'

James Carville isn't happy with the pace of his party's convention and questions why his party isn't fighting harder.

Carville, a CNN contributor and political adviser for former President Bill Clinton, appeared on CNN's August 26 "American Morning" and called the first night of the Democratic Party "wasted."

CARVILLE: "[The Ted Kennedy speech] was a great moment, absolutely. But other stuff was wasted. There was no message that came out of here. Look, this is the fifth night in a row that we've had a Democratic convention since George W. Bush, the most disastrous, incompetent and corrupt administration we've had in modern American history and we haven't put it front and center. I am at loss..."

Carville said they should have had speakers attacking the status quo and leadership under the Bush administration.

CARVILLE: "They should have had speakers up there saying, ‘Excuse me, but there's a sense of urgency in the country. Excuse me, but this administration has taken this country that was the most ascendant nation since ancient Rome and run it in the ditch. Excuse me, but the surplus is gone. We have a deficit. Look what happens to health care costs. Look what's happened to energy costs. Look what's happening in income growth in this country. I heard none of that last night.'"

However, Carville failed to recognize that under Bush, the country experienced an unprecedented 52 straight weeks of job growth. And although the economy has faltered somewhat as of late, Carville also failed to mention the downturn came about under a Democratic-controlled Congress, which took power in early 2007.