CNN Gives Pass to Democrats on Anti-Drilling Vote Maneuvers

The dilemma of high gas prices might be addressed if congressional leaders would all just get along.

From CNN correspondent Kate Bolduan's perspective, the political differences on energy policy are little more than a "partisan standoff" between Democrats and Republicans.

"Even before the votes were counted on the latest energy proposal, the partisan standoff was clear," Bolduan said on the July 25 "American Morning." "[T]hat bill, a Democratic plan to release oil from the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve. It failed - one more example of the deadlock over sky-high gas prices and one step closer to Congress going home for the summer without passing anything significant on energy."

According to the report, the primary conflict involved opening federal lands to offshore drilling.

"The main battle comes down to whether to allow new offshore drilling," Bolduan said. "Republicans say yes, Democratic leaders say no. The dispute has deteriorated into competing press conferences, dueling poster boards and partisan jabs," she said.

However, this "standoff" would be eliminated if the Senate, controlled by the Democratic majority, would allow a vote on drilling - a detail lacking from Bolduan's report.

According to CNBC "Kudlow & Company" host Larry Kudlow, Democratic reluctance to vote on drilling stems from a fear of this becoming an election issue, which could hurt their chances when the November elections roll around. 

"The drilling issue in Congress is a huge election-year debate," Kudlow wrote on National Review Online on July 23. "It could well be the Republican's last hope for November. The Democrats don't want to drill, even while the public does. This could be a Democratic waterloo and could actually help elect Republicans, narrowing anticipated GOP losses in the election."