Dobbs Claims Salmonella Outbreak 'Sufficient Reason to Impeach a President'

CNN's Lou Dobbs is known for his fiery protectionist rants, but now he's calling for an extreme response in the wake of the Food and Drug Administration's inability to prevent a salmonella outbreak.

The "Lou Dobbs Tonight" host placed the blame squarely on President George W. Bush, calling for his impeachment on the June 19 broadcast. Contaminated tomatoes from an unknown source or sources have sickened 383 people since April, according to the Associated Press.

"You know, I have heard a lot of reasons over the years as to why George W. Bush should be impeached," Dobbs said. "For them to leave the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in this state, its leadership in this sorry condition and to have no capacity apparently or will to protect the American consumer - that is alone to me sufficient reason to impeach a president who has made this agency possible and has ripped its guts out in its ability to protect the American consumer."

"It's insane what's going on here," said a visibly angry Dobbs. "Is there any sense of embarrassment on the part of the leadership of that agency?"

On June 18, Dobbs called the FDA "excessively intellectually challenged."