Dobbs Rants About Safety Chief’s Remarks; Calls Her 'Imbecilic'

No one has ever accused Protectionist-in-Chief and CNN host Lou Dobbs of being one to exercise discretion when something has ticked him off.

The host of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” blew up after interview after CNN correspondent Christine Romans interviewed Nancy Nord, chairman of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, on his a February 18 show.

“This – Nord, is she as imbecilic as she appears to be as absolutely insensitive to American consumers, as absolutely lacking the judgment to run a federal agency designed and created to protect the American consumer?” Dobbs asked. “I mean this woman is beyond belief.”

Nord told CNN correspondent Christine Romans media stories have caused parents to become “very confused.” She said this had nothing to do with free trade.

“Safety is not a trade issue,” Nord said. “We will be vigilant in making sure that imports that come into this country are safe. Again, safety is not a trade issue.”

However, Dobbs saw things otherwise and had no qualms with voicing his opinion on trade issues.

“Well, where the heck are the Republicans? Only an idiot would think otherwise. When the woman is sitting there saying that it’s because we are overwhelmed with imports and we can’t inspect them, how could it be anything but a trade issue as well? I mean unbelievable,” Dobbs said.

Dobbs also attacked Nord’s IQ level, suggesting it was below “triple-digits.”

“Well I think anyone with a triple-digit IQ would have a philosophical difference with her,” Dobbs said. “Thank you very much, Christine Romans. And anybody who cares about what the heck they are doing in that job. Christine Romans, thank you, if I didn't say thank you, I want to say thank you again – another failure by our government regulators to protect the consuming public in this country.”

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