Barone of U.S. News: Lou Dobbs Candidacy a Possibility

Lou DobbsThere are quite a few people already running for president, but one author recently suggested others might jump in: like CNN's own Lou Dobbs.

Michael Barone, a senior writer for U.S. News & World Report and the principal co-author of "The Almanac of American Politics," told an audience in Alexandria, Va. on December 13 that a Lou Dobbs presidential candidacy is a possibility.

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"Other possible candidate I can think of is Lou Dobbs - on an anti-immigration, anti-free trade platform," Barone said. "He's peddling it every night on CNN. Even though he's on CNN, somebody's watching him."

Barone also mention New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who earlier this year left to the Republican Party to become an "independent."

"You can also have third party candidates as we did in 1992 and might have in 1996," Barone said. "Michael Bloomberg has been one, mayor of New York - whose personal income is people tell me $500 million per year - which is something more than $499 million more than mine."

Barone also explained to the audience that the perception of the economy going into an election, specifically the 2008 election cycle, isn't necessarily the best gauge of the economy during his discussion.

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