CBS News Writers to Strike?

As if “CBS Evening News” anchor Katie Couric needed any more bad news to accompany her dismal performance in the ratings.

Julia Boorstin, a CNBC correspondent, reported on CNBC’s November 13 “Power Lunch” that CBS News writers could be the next to join the two-week-old Hollywood writers’ strike.

“Some news writers may be joining their entertainment industry colleagues,” Boorstin said. “Five hundred unionized CBS Television and Radio writers are expected to vote to authorize a strike this Thursday. They’ve been working without a contract since April of 2005.”

According to Reuters, CBS sent a letter to Writers Guild of America members – some

500 writers, graphic artists, editors and producers in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington – which urged them not to strike.

"CBS does not want you to strike, and we hope that you will carefully evaluate the terms of our final offer against the uncertainty of a strike in determining what is best for you and your families."

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