NBC Goes to ‘Ends of the Earth’ to Cause/Report on Climate Change

It appears that the hypocrisy of reporting global-warming alarmism stories has no bounds.

NBC Universal’s “Green is Universal” initiative is sending staff across the planet to either cover or cause global warming. That effort “takes an unprecedented look at Planet Earth.” Three members of the ‘Today’ crew – Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Al Roker – will emit 24.9 tons of carbon to go to the ends of the earth to show viewers climate is affecting the planet. That number is more than three times what a typical American emits in a whole year. (See video here.)

“Well, the journey has begun,” “Today” co-host Matt Lauer said on the October 29 broadcast. “‘Today’ is going to the ends of the earth to report on the changing climate and examine the limits of human exploration in an unprecedented simultaneous broadcast from the top, the bottom and the middle of the world.”

Curry will be making her way to Antarctica – an 11,686 miles mile trip. That round-trip will emit 12.9 tons of carbon, 2.15 tons each way – New York to McMurdo Station, Antarctica and back counting three people. (Footage from New Zealand on the October 29 “today showed more than that.) The math comes from the carbon calculator on Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” Web site.

Lauer’s trip to the Arctic Circle in Greenland – from New York, N.Y. to Thule A.F.B., Greenland (airport closest to the Arctic Circle) is 2,487 miles. Assuming a crew of at least two will be embarking on the trip with Lauer – that’s six tons of carbon emissions (one ton each way – New York to Thule A.F.B and back with three people).

Roker’s trip to the Equator in Ecuador – from New York, N.Y. to Quito, Ecuador (airport closest to the Equator) is 2,822 miles – that’s also six tons of carbon emissions (one ton each way – New York to Quito, Ecuador and back with three people).

For Curry, Lauer and Roker to pull off this one assignment, that’s at minimum 24.9 tons of carbon emissions combined.

The national average for one person is 7.5 tons per year according to Gore’s Web site.

Noel Sheppard reported that Lauer on the October 17 “Today” was exploring options of minimizing their carbon-footprint, but admitted it would be “impossible at this moment to say we can absolutely come up with a neutral carbon footprint, but it's also something we'll examine.”

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