Sure Sounds Like Ed Schultz Believes Juanita Broaddrick is Credible

"Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed and supported," Hillary Clinton tweeted in November while temporarily banishing all memories associated with her husband.

Former MSNBCer Ed Schultz, now podcasting daily since getting booted from the cable network last summer and ending his radio show in 2014, apparently agrees with Hillary Clinton -- although there's a specific victim of alleged sexual assault she'd like to banish from everyone's memory.

On his podcast Thursday, Schultz veered as close as he dared to saying outright that Broaddrick is credible in claiming that Bill Clinton raped her while he was attorney general for the state of Arkansas and she was a nursing home administrator.

Listen to what Schultz said and decide for yourself -- 

Here we go -- Juanita Broaddrick back in the news via Twitter saying that she was raped by Bill Clinton, okay. I thought this was all put to rest years ago by attorneys, but this is exactly what I was talking about the other day. Now is this going to be a distraction? Now what's going to happen is probably the Clinton managers are going to be telling media people, don't be covering this because if you do it's going to be hard to get along with you and there might not be access, so there probably won't be a whole lot of conversation about this in the mainstream media. It'll be on some websites and that's where it's going to be.

Unless, Schultz hastens to add, a certain "issue" arises pertaining to former president Clinton's well-documented predilections --

But this is exactly what I was talking about the other day that if there's ever an issue that comes up, if by chance there's an issue or something that takes place with the former president ...

An eruption of some sort, for example ...

... this is what the media's going to be focusing on and this is exactly what I was talking about, this kinda stuff. So, you know, I guess a real cynic could say -- well, why in the world would we pay attention to what Bill Cosby's saying and pay, what Bill Cosby's accusers are saying but pay no attention to what Juanita Broaddrick is saying?

Schultz then helpfully answers the question from that "real cynic" --

And you gotta kinda think, well, yeah. Uh, you mean to tell me that she is totally discarded, she has no credibility whatsoever and she's a 73-year-old woman and nobody's supposed to pay attention to her, and Hillary's in this story too. Broaddrick mentions her saying that there was some conversation and thanks going on for not going after her husband and how that communication was interpreted.

I mean, it's just, I have to tell you, I think this is what tires a lot of people. We got so much stuff going on in this country that we gotta take care of. We don't even know what North Korea did when it came to testing their military equipment, which I'm going to transition to now.

Here is another cynic's take on why Schultz would suggest that Broaddrick's allegation is credible -- he is one of Bernie Sanders' most vocal supporters in media. Which Schultz will remain, unless Hillary Clinton becomes the Democrats' nominee, whereupon Schultz will develop amnesia when it comes to Broaddrick.

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