Deranged Liberal Radio Talker Wants Pope Francis to Execute Scalia

Poor Mike Malloy -- he's never gotten over the fact that he was born too late to serve as a guard in the gulag.

A left-winger so beyond the pale that he was once fired by Air America Radio, Malloy's toxicity makes Ed Schultz come across as benign and even-tempered by comparison. (Audio after the jump)

On his radio program Wednesday, Malloy said Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are the two people "most responsible" for mass shootings in America and should be "criminally ashamed" for their obvious complicity. Turns out Malloy was just warming up en route to even more repugnance (h/t for audio, Brian Maloney, --

So they're swirling brains get to the point where anything one of their radio heroes tells them becomes the target. Yeah, isn't that the truth, it's happened so many times. Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are the two most responsible for mass shootings in this country and both of them should be criminally ashamed of themselves. They both have children, but they are both typical right-wing scum so they would sacrifice their own children if they thought they could make money off it and if it would advance their listenership or viewership. God that's sick.

Malloy then read an email from a listener he described his "education affairs correspondent" with her take on Pope Francis's criticism of "ideological" Christianity. The listener wrote this --

Since it's church night (Wednesday evenings for Malloy), is it just me or does Pope Francis need to take a good look within his own circle, e.g., the now retired Nazi Pope, Mel Gibson, Antonin Scalia, before he expounds on the 'extreme ideals of the Christian right'?

Here is Malloy paraphrasing the listener's question --

The point Kay is trying to make was maybe Pope Francis ought to execute, uh, excommunicate some of those sick sons of bitches within his own church. I think, I think Fat Tony Scalia is a good place to start, Supreme Court justice. This guy is doing more damage to the American political system than, I think, than even more than Ted Cruz! Or John Boehner! Fat Tony is just, he's right out there, this huge, Jabba the Hut. Have you noticed he's getting bigger than Rush Limbaugh? Jesus, fat Tony, don't you ever go to a gym?

Yes, let's "excommunicate" Scalia, wink wink, along with Cruz and Boehner and Limbaugh while we're at it. But isn't there still a slim chance that Scalia might be saved by Bloomberg through dietetic re-education?

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