Thom Hartmann Actually Claims Bush Invaded Iraq ... to Privatize Social Security

If you heard a loved one fulminate like this, you'd be morally obligated to initiate a medical, substance abuse or psychiatric intervention.

Liberal radio host Thom Hartmann unleased the latest moonbat conspiracy theory on his radio show Monday in response to a caller disparaging government (audio) --

CALLER: You know, the government is the only reason we're at war. Government is the only situation, the only ...

HARTMANN: No, I would submit to you that the reason we're at war is because big oil companies bought Ronald Reagan, they bought his election, they brought him into office, the big oil companies. He took the solar panels off the roof of the White House, he said we're not going to have a national energy policy any more. We're going to keep on buying our oil from the Middle East. He goes, those big oil companies are making a pile of money on that. And at the time we didn't have the domestic reserves. We had, you know, we had, we weren't doing fracking or gas or whatever, and -- bingo! (promo break)

And you went to war in the Middle East because you had George W. Bush as president who back a year and a half before he was elected said he was going to go to war in Iraq 'cause it would give him the power to privatize Social Security for his bankster buddies!

Well, this explains so much. All those feverish claims I've heard over the years that Reagan stole the '80 election by delaying release of America hostages in Iran until after he took office. Turns out this had nothing to do with Reagan getting elected -- it was those running-dog oil barons who closed the deal. The same people, Hartmann's logic dictates, who compelled closet neo-con Barack Obama to intervene in the oil-rich Arab nation of Libya.

We should consider ourselves fortunate that Hartmann was able to decipher this nefarious plot by Bush to privatize Social Security by distracting us with a protracted war on the other side of the world. Brilliant! Just as the US attacking al Qaeda and the Taliban was nothing more than a Bush ruse to push through the prescription drug benefit for Medicare. Hey, if you want to make an omelette ...

As for those solar panels that Reagan so unceremoniously removed from the White House -- three decades later, solar still can't turn a profit.

What a shock that Hartmann's rants also air on the state-funded Russia Today (RT) network, Moscow's MSNBC, and Hartmann refuses to disclose how much he's paid by his kleptocrat soulmates yearning for the golden years of the gulag.

Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman
Ex-liberal from People's Republic of Massachusetts