WaPo's Eugene Robinson Deludes Himself Into Believing Chris Christie Threatened Iowa Voters

Warning: Frequent guest appearances on MSNBC can render a person predictable and disingenuous. Exhibit A: Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson.

There was Robinson schmoozing with guest host Melissa Harris-Perry on the Rachel Maddow show Friday about the looming Iowa caucuses. (video after page break)

Just before she introduced Robinson, Harris-Perry showed a clip of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stumping for Mitt Romney  --

HARRIS-PERRY: In a time when US military adventurism is big with Republican presidential candidates, Ron Paul is trying to win by standing on the opposite side of that platform. So that in part is Ron Paul's closing strategy right now. Mitt Romney's? East Coast-style fear and intimidation tactics. (sarcastically)

CHRISTIE: I want to tell you something really clearly. I'm in a good mood this morning. I'm feeling happy and upbeat. I love being with Mitt and Ann but let me tell ya, you people disappoint me on Tuesday (pause, laughter from crowd), you don't do what you're supposed to do on Tuesday for Mitt Romney, I will be back Jersey-style people (more laughter), I will be back.

HARRIS-PERRY: Jersey-style! If Chris Christie ultimately becomes somebody's running mate this year, prepare yourself for an entire summer and fall full of New Jersey Mafia jokes. Don't say you weren't warned.

But humorless hall monitor Robinson wasn't amused, even though the Iowa residents addressed by Christie clearly were, as seen by their smiles, laughter, and absence of nervous glances --

HARRIS-PERRY: All right, so the big question of the day -- can Mitt Romney turn Chris Christie's threats into votes? (sarcastically, again)

ROBINSON: You know, I'm not seeing it. Maybe, I understand Chris Christie's really popular in Iowa, he plays well out there, it just, the optics, to see it from a distance, to watch him essentially threaten the good folks of Iowa with some sort of Jersey-ness if they don't do what he says, doesn't strike me as the best way to win votes for Mitt Romney, but again, he's a popular figure, it's, frankly it's too soon to tell, believe it or not about the Iowa caucuses.

Mark your calendar -- this might be the first time an MSNBC leftist has described Republicans anywhere as "good folks."

Inexplicably, Robinson went the entire interview without alleging that Christie's "Jersey-ness" was racially motivated.

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