Mike Papantonio Compares Donald Trump to 'Banjo Boy' in 'Deliverance'

Once was the time that a dutiful liberal wouldn't dare impugn the downtrodden of Appalachia. Those days are ancient history.

Mike Papantonio, a toxic attorney who co-hosts the "Ring of Fire" radio show with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Sam Seder, had this to say Friday on "The Ed Show" about Donald Trump moderating an upcoming GOP debate in Iowa (video and audio clips after page break) --

SCHULTZ: Mike, what do you make of this? I mean, will candidates actually view him as somewhat of a journalist and an opportunity to get their message out? What do you make of it?

PAPANTONIO: Republicans will because, you know, during this tea party Republican crazy fest, reality TV has come to politics. Any day I expect Snooki  from "Jersey Shore" to announce that Herman Cain had a love child with her that they've secreted away. Or maybe Kim Kardashian is going to reveal that the Newt is proposing to marry her because he's tired of his third wife. It's incredible the way that the identity and the brand of the Republican Party has gone on the rocks just in four years. You think crazy when you think about it, but now add to that the buffoonery of this has-been, cartoon character, carnival barker Donald Trump showing up on the scene and the brand becomes almost irreversibly damaged prior to 2012. It couldn't be worse. I mean, look, bring in the banjo boy from "Deliverance," for God's sake, or maybe the bearded monkey lady. That's what the Republican Party is creating here. It's happening right before the eyes. It's almost like you have to wear a dunce cap and Oshkosh overalls to be a member of the Republican Party. You hear "Dueling Banjos" playing in the background.

Long time since I've seen "Deliverance," but wasn't that kid a genius ...? Sure played like one.

Funny thing about Papantonio -- he's one of Schultz's most frequest guests, appearing on "The Ed Show" six times in the last month. Yet in none of those appearances did Schultz mention that Papantonio is also a paid sponsor of Schultz's radio show.

This isn't the only time this has happened of late on "The Ed Show." Schultz also failed to tell viewers that Scott Paul, founding executive director of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, who appeared on "The Ed Show" on Nov. 1, also advertises on Schultz's radio website.

The habit of non-disclosure has a way of rubbing off. When Papantonio guest hosted Schultz's radio show Nov. 10, one of his guests was an attorney named Leo Thomas. Papantonio gushed in describing Thomas as among "the best criminal defense attorneys in America" -- while neglecting to mention that Thomas is one of his law partners.

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