Arianna Sees Obama Push for Infrastructure Jobs as 'All a Show'

These things take time, especially when it comes to a politician initially touted as walking on water.

But it's finally happening with liberal media mogul Arianna Huffington -- a willingness to criticize the Obama administration's penchant for theatrics over substance. (video after page break)

Appearing in a panel discussion yesterday on "This Week," Huffington appeared to criticize House Speaker John Boehner for his alleged indifference to job creation -- followed by Huffington's unambiguous criticism of Obama for the same reason --

'THIS WEEK' HOST CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: There's a bit of a, Arianna, a national sort of funk, isn't there, to Niall's (Ferguson) point?

HUFFINGTON: Well, I think what's happening is there's a sense of a bit of "Groundhog Day" feeling, that every Friday, the first Friday of each month, we get these jobs numbers and really nothing is fundamentally changing. And the most depressing thing is really what was in Ron Suskind's book ("Confidence Men"), of Paul Volcker quoting Larry Summers, saying that politicians when it comes to reform just want to be caught trying.

And you saw that in your interview with John Boehner. He's laminated proof of how he's trying to create jobs. You see the president in front of crumbling bridges that have been crumbling ever since he's been in the White House, but suddenly we're getting closer to 2012 so he wants to be seen to be trying to create infrastructure jobs. But it's all a show. And the American people sense it, that there is no real effort or will to create jobs, because there are many ideas out there about how it could be done, but it's not happening.

Boehner as "laminated proof" (huh?) aside, much distance here between Huffington and Limbaugh?

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