Atlantic Wire Slams Arianna's Hypocritical Complaint About Media Running 'Non-Stories'

Do as I say, not as I do, dahling.

Atlantic Wire blogger Alexander Abad-Santos finds Arianna Huffington's criticism of "our media culture" a bit hard to take, seeing how Huffington is a major culprit in perpetuating it.

Abad-Santos writes --

In an interview with CNN Money, Huffington talked about AOL's plan for growth, editor Michael Arrington's departure, TechCrunch and Crunchfund. Huffington, playing it cool, had nothing but warm words for Arrington. When asked why the story became as big as it did, Huffington replied, "Our media culture likes to obsess over non-stories, the balloon boy, the pastor who was going to burn or not burn the Koran, Casey Anthony. It's just unfortunately part of our culture we ... have OCD over non-stories."

Abad-Santos proceeded to link to these non-stories ... at Huffington Post --

Click ahead for: Casey Anthony's dad on Doctor Phil, non-Koran burning, or balloon boy's parents auctioning off his balloon, cat hair covers or Michael Arrington's first post on his new blog.

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