Apparent Closet Racist Rachel Maddow Describes Obama as 'Boy King'

Those crickets you hear? Her fellow left-wingers responding to Rachel Maddow referring to then-President Elect Obama as a "boy king" on her MSNBC show last night.

Yes, hard to believe. Even in an era when the president of the United States is a man of color, as is our attorney general, as is the governor of Massachusetts where Maddow lives, Obama must be subjected to such vile disrespect -- a black man at the pinnacle of achievement described as a mere "boy," albeit of the monarchical variety. (video clip after page break)

It hardly lessens the sting that this came from one of Obama's most vocal defenders in the leeward media, Maddow herself, an ardent liberal who can detect racism, real or imagined, anywhere in a 10-state radius.

Listen for yourself from the embedded video while Maddow takes off her KKK hood just long enough to commit this utter outrage (1:09 in the clip). If any children are within earshot of your computer, you may want to shield them lest they pursue a path of skepticism toward affirmative action and speech codes as a result of witnessing this crime against humanity.

That non-existent reaction from liberals after Maddow revealed she is the late George Wallace's alter ego stands in sharp contrast to the left-wing hissy fit after Rush Limbaugh had the Maddowesque gall to describe Obama as a "little boy" and "this little man-child."

At the very least, Maddow can expect a cold shoulder at the water cooler from MSNBC colleague and inveterate grievance monger Al Sharpton, who pounced on the chance to pontificate after Pat Buchanan described Obama to Sharpton as "your boy."

Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman
Ex-liberal from People's Republic of Massachusetts