Ed Schultz Guest Condemns Wisconsin Tax Breaks, Can't Describe Any When Asked

Details, details.

Wisconsin Democrat state senator Lena Taylor really hates those $142 million in tax credits for businesses and the wealthy passed by Gov. Scott Walker and fellow Republicans in the legislature.

So much so that Taylor couldn't elaborate on any when asked during Ed Schultz's radio show yesterday, a rebroadcast of the program from a theater in Madison, Wisc., on Wednesday (audio) --

SCHULTZ: Has there been a tax cut or a tax credit for the wealthiest Wisconsinites?

TAYLOR: Oh for sure. The first eight bills we did when the governor, after he got sworn in, $142 million in tax credits. (audience boos).

SCHULTZ: The first eight bills, give us, give us one, give us an example of what kind of a tax cut went to the wealthiest Wisconsinites.

TAYLOR: You know, it's been so much that's happened since January. Uh, (laughs) I'm tryin', I'm trying to remember a specific one, uh, off the top of my head. Senator Jauch, can you ...

As heard on the embedded audio, it wasn't Taylor's state senate colleague Robert Jauch who answered Schultz's question (nor did two other Democrat state senators also on stage). Instead, it was a member of the audience called on stage by Schultz. After the woman responded, Taylor chimed in -- "What she said!"

Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman
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