Bill Press Displays Boundless Capacity for Delusion, Claims NPR 'No More Left Wing Than Fox News'

And then there are those who are beyond hope.

Appearing on Ed Schultz's radio show Friday, here's what fellow liberal radio host Bill Press said about NPR firing Juan Williams for violating the network's version of sharia law (audio here) --

Let me tell you something, you know what? I call NPR National Pentagon Radio. They're no more left wing than Fox News as far as I'm concerned. Look at the commentators they have on there, right? They're all right-wing commentators. I couldn't get in the door of NPR. I'm sure you don't appear on their shows either, right? They lean so far right. The idea that they're part of the liberal media, as if they were. Look, except for MSNBC, these guys control all the media as far as I'm concerned.

Press makes an excellent point. Like me, you are probably weary of recalling all the times you heard liberals complain about yet more right-wing propaganda on NPR. Terry Gross of "Fresshhh Air," for example -- does she immerse herself in Limbaugh podcasts before every broadcast?

Even including "NPR" and "right-wing propaganda" in the same sentence smacks of redundancy, at risk of stating the obvious.

As if any fair-minded observer could ignore all those angry protests outside NPR headquarters organized by liberals demanding retractions and calling on boycotts of sponsors.

It's gotten so bad that NPR is too conservative even for conservatives.  I speak from experience, having cringed through more furrow-browed broadcasts of  "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered" than I care to remember.

Just last week, right-wing plutocrat George Soros donated $1.8 million to NPR (and another million to that other reactionary outfit, Media Matters). Why would richer-than-Midas (hence, conservative) Soros do this? Duh! Just ask Bill Press. The man misses nothing.

Snarkiness aside -- the reason you can't "get in the door" at NPR, Mr. Press? Because while NPR leans liberal (or "forward," if you prefer), you are a caricature. Schultz doesn't get invited because they worry he might smash the furniture while fulminating about "Psycho Talk".

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