In Rare Flash of Insight, Ed Schultz Asks if Obama Admin Deliberately Inflamed Koran Burning Controversy

Just as quickly as Ed Schultz revealed he is capable of cognition, the liberal radio host and aspiring MSNBC arsonist regressed to himself.

Here's Schultz on his radio show yesterday talking about criticism from General David Petraeus, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama of an obscure pastor's vow to burn copies of the Koran, thereby elevating it to international news (link here for audio) --

So now, it was General Petraeus who first went on record and talked about this. I mean, that took it to a whole new level, didn't it? And then it's Hillary Clinton and now it's the president of the United States on 'Good Morning America.' I mean, you know who ought to put the mission accomplished sign up is this nutjob down in Florida. He's got a congregation of 50 people. He's been discredited by a lot of people who have worked with him. But he is getting an insurmountable amount of attention and, yes, I'm talking about it because the president talked about it!

I don't think this has been managed properly.  I don't think they've handled this right. I want to know if General Petraeus made all these comments about this nutjob pastor down in Florida before the White House knew about it. Because all that did was inflame the situation! It's almost as if they want the radical world to start going nuts and helding (sic) all these demonstrations across the world. Does this make sense to you 'cause that's where I'm at.

More along the same lines from Schultz that hour (audio here) --

This is at the highest level now! Now either they manufactured it to get to the highest level and they wanted it to be at the highest level to show the American people that this is what the nutjobs are doing over on the right and expose their strategy for dividing the country. Maybe that's it! I don't know. But I just can't help but think.

Not for long, given how this to Schultz is an unfamiliar realm. By the second hour of his radio show Thursday, he had dutifully returned to the Obama fold (audio here) --

This is example 1A that (Rahm) Emanuel should leave. And this is a horrible situation that the president has got himself in. Unless it was all manufactured to do this to prove that the righties are just a bunch of nutjobs and this is what it ends up when they start dividing people. But I really, I think that's a real stab in the dark, I really do. I don't think that.

So close, so close, to performing a public service.

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