Boorish Ed Schultz Decries Republican 'Orgasm' Over Tax Cuts

Doing his best in a desperate bid to become relevant, the ever-classy Ed Schultz said this on his radio show yesterday about Republicans and taxes (link here to audio) --

They have nothing on the table for the middle class. They have no development whatsoever for the country other than they orgasm over these tax cuts that they just have to have! That's their whole thing! That's their whole pleasure!

Something tells me more Democrats will share in the joy as the midterms approach.

Other examples of Schultz idiocy this summer include referring to "partitioners" instead of "parishioners" -- this from a man who speaks often of his reverence for the Lord -- and, along the same lines, confusing "pedestal" with "pulpit."

Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman
Ex-liberal from People's Republic of Massachusetts