Divisive Ed Schultz Asks Whether Americans Should Help 'All of Those Southern States That Are Republican'

Politicize disasters much, Ed?

The liberal radio host who runs a regular feature called "Psycho Talk" on his MSNBC cable show continues disgorging examples of how he has cornered the market on this brand of psychosis.

Yesterday, for example, Schultz had this to say on his radio show about the worsening Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (audio here) --

SCHULTZ: We're talking about an environmental disaster unlike anything the world has ever seen. This is an oil tsunami. We won't feel the effects for this for a long time. Wildlife is dying, the ecosystem's going to be disrupted, but don't worry, we'll find a right-wing Republican congressman to take a helicopter ride and serve up a comment like this ...

Schultz then played audio of remarks by House member Gene Taylor of Mississippi, a Democrat, not Republican. Knowing the difference would have done little to tame Schultz's self-righteous ardor.

Taylor clumsily compared the appearance of oil on the ocean to "chocolate milk" and said, "this isn't Katrina, this is not Armageddon" --

TAYLOR: Yeah, it's bad and it's terrible that there's a spill out there. But I would remind people that the oil is 20 miles from any marsh, it's 20, more than 20 miles from Chandeleur, it is not in the Mississippi Sound yet. And remember that it has been flowing for a number of days now. The farther you get from the spill, that chocolate milk-looking spill starts breaking up into smaller pieces. ... But the good news is, after this many days it is not yet in the coastal marshes where the juvenile shrimp are. So, and it is tending to break up naturally.

Followed by this commentary from Schultz --

SCHULTZ: I mean, that's the most controlled psycho talk I think I've ever heard. ... That's controlled psycho talk. There's a guy who's trying to calm the fears of a lot of folks -- restaurants, bars, service industry, shipping industry, the water men, the banks.

... and calming fears is a bad thing, Ed? Leading to the coup de grace from Schultz (2:05 in audio clip) --

SCHULTZ:  This is serious stuff and what is our appetite as Americans to want to help out Louisiana again? What's our appetite for all of those Southern states that are Republican? Yeah, those are all drill baby drill representatives. Those are all drill baby drill senators. They are ominously silent, other than the psycho talker I just played for you.

... and unlike the psycho talker I just played for you.

Someone needs to remind Schultz that the Civil War ended nearly 150 years ago.

Here's another gem from Schultz, this time on Friday after he introduced frequent guest (and Schultz radio site advertiser) Ted Massinello, president of USA Coffee Company in Plantation, Fla. (audio here) --

SCHULTZ:  We got Mother's Day coming up. Ted, how you doing today, buddy?

MASSINELLO:  Oh, we're doing good, Ed. How are you?

SCHULTZ: Great, great. Now, you gonna sit back and have a cup of coffee and watch this oil come to shore, aren't you?

... which, needless to say, is how Schultz would savor the view.

Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman
Ex-liberal from People's Republic of Massachusetts