Maddow Guest: 'Perhaps' Americans Should Be Thankful Terrorists Haven't Struck Again

Yes -- "perhaps." Hard to believe there are people who harbor doubts about this. Not so shocking to learn they dwell on the left side of the aisle.

Former "Wonkette" blogger Ana Marie Cox, a contributor to Time magazine and The Daily Beast, appeared on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show last night to discuss, among other things, a Los Angeles Times story about Bush cabinet members receiving talking points on accomplishments they can cite from the 43rd president's tumultuous tenure.

Two of the achievements cited are that Bush has "kept the American people safe" since 9/11 and the president's work to curb AIDS in Africa. Maddow and Cox take it from here --

MADDOW:  Besides not having sex with an intern in the Oval Office, are there, I mean, obviously he's trying to brag on his record on international AIDS issues, he's trying to brag on his record that there was not another 9/11 after the first 9/11, but I mean are there other things that he really ought, that he could make a good case for himself and his legacy? Are there other things he should be having people focus on?

COX: Well actually, the AIDS issue is not a terrible one. I do think we're judging him by an extremely low bar, but he has done some things on the AIDS issue. And we have not had another terrorist attack. That perhaps is something we should just go ahead and be thankful for and not look too closely ...

MADDOW (interrupting): ... Other, other than the, other than the anthrax attacks and the Washington sniper stuff and the, I mean ...

COX (crosstalk): ... Well, they were domestic terrorism. Hmm, that doesn't, not the same, not the same.

Allow me to stick my neck out and respond to Cox's suggestion in the affirmative -- Yes, Americans are indeed fortunate to have been spared another terrorist onslaught since 9/11.

In fairness to Cox, I have little doubt she believes we are indeed fortunate in this regard, though that troublesome "perhaps" could lead a snarky observer to suggest otherwise. Such are the occupational hazards of the terminally arch and ironic.

Another interpretation of Cox's remark comes to mind. Reading between the lines, Cox may be saying, specifically to Maddow, that we haven't had another terrorist attack and "perhaps" we should "just go ahead and be thankful for" that -- in a way you might be incapable of. 

Sure enough, as if to confirm my hunch, Maddow responds with her Glass-Half-Full-Is-Actually-Shattered worldview -- What about the anthrax attack? The DC snipers?  (The weather?! How dare you stray from dogma!)

Cox points out the anthrax and sniper attacks were "domestic terrorism" while not mentioning that neither inflicted anywhere near the carnage, destruction and upheaval of 9/11.

Still, perhaps we should be thankful whenever a liberal is willing to consider, even tentatively, an obvious truth.

Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman
Ex-liberal from People's Republic of Massachusetts