German Mag Denounces Schwarzenegger's 'State Organized Murder'

Medienkritik reports that German magazine Der Spiegel has a story entitled, "Execution of Tookie Williams: Self-Righteous State Organized Murder."

The article details how absolutely angry and furiously outraged Europe's moral elite is with the execution. In other news, German business ties with the Sudanese government are booming, thanks in part to direct support from the German government. Wonder how many black Africans the Sudanese government has executed of late? How "excruciating" was the death they suffered? Apparently not "excruciating" enough for the German media to care enough to report about its own government's dealings there...

Another article was headlined, "Execution in California: Williams' Excruciatingly Long Death."

Perhaps SPIEGEL ONLINE forgot what an "excruciating" death is really like. It isn't having a couple needles placed in your arm and peacefully going to sleep forever. Let's get real. For an "excruciating" death, we need look no further than Tookie Williams' first victim, Albert Owens, who bled to death after being shot twice in the back at close range with a 12-gauge shotgun:

Why Won't SPIEGEL ONLINE Show This? Too "Excruciating"?

And if this picture isn't "excruciating" enough, here are a couple more of Williams' other victims. But hey, who are we to judge? The do-gooder media elite in Germany knows so much better than the rest of us what is right and what is wrong. So why should they mention the victims in this case? Blatant bias has become so common that no one even notices in Germany anymore. As long as the public gets its daily anti-Amerika fix, all is good.

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