Rumble in the Bathroom: Mike Wallace and Dan Rather Argue at CBS Urinal

Radar Online reports that 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace told Dan Rather he should have resigned for Memogate. The conversation inside a CBS bathroom turned testy, and the "twenty minute shouting match" could be heard by others.

According to sources inside the network, Wallace recently got into a shouting match with Rather after telling the disgraced journo he should have resigned over “Memogate”—while the two men were standing side-by-side at a urinal.

The argument erupted in a men’s room at CBS headquarters in New York, we hear, after Wallace sidled up to his whizzing 60 Minutes colleague of three decades and told him he had just confided to Katie Couric in a Today Show interview—scheduled to air this morning—that he thought Rather should have resigned when his underlings were canned for basing the National Guard story on what turned out to be phony documents.

“They were both standing at the urinals when Wallace casually mentioned what he had told Katie,” says the source. “There proceeded a twenty-minute shouting match in the bathroom” between Rather and the 87-year-old journalist.