Meredith Vieira on Seeing Sarah Palin with a Gun: 'Makes Me Nervous'

The Today show cast, on Tuesday, previewed a guest appearance by reality show star Kate Gosselin on Sarah Palin's TLC show, and after showing a clip of the former Alaska Governor frightening the celebrity mother of eight kids by firing off a gun, Vieira revealed she shared Gosselin's fears as she yelped: "You're with a woman with a gun. The whole thing makes me nervous, you know?"

The following is the full segment as it was aired on the December 7 Today show:

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MEREDITH VIEIRA: So what happens when the Momma Grizzly meets Momma Gosselin?

MATT LAUER: Well the world is gonna find out this weekend when Sarah Palin welcomes Kate Gosselin and her eight kids to Alaska for a guest appearance on her TLC show Sarah Palin's Alaska. Take a look.

(Begin clip)

SARAH PALIN: How would you like to go camping with Kate and her eight kids?

KATE GOSSELIN: I have never camped for real.

PALIN: Our ruggedness is really a mystery to people in the lower 48.

[Palin shoots gun]


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: You're gonna have a high population of bears. It's gonna go.

PALIN: She's gonna rely on me to protect her.

GOSSELIN: I am freezing to the bone.

PALIN: C'mon. It wasn't that bad.

(End clip)

VIEIRA: Yeah I don't think Kate took to-


VIEIRA: Yeah, no.LAUER: You don't think she's the roughing it type?

VIEIRA: I don't think she likes it.

AL ROKER: Roughing it to her is a Holiday Inn without cable.

VIEIRA: Plus you're with a woman with a gun. The whole thing makes me nervous, you know?

ROKER: Yeah, there's that.

LAUER: Alright.

MORALES: It'll get good ratings, I'm sure.

VIEIRA: Oh I'm sure...

ROKER: Oh please!

VIEIRA: I think that, that Sarah Palin's daughter Piper, is a big fan of Kate Plus 8, as well.

MORALES: Yeah she is.

VIEIRA: So it's nice, yeah.

—Geoffrey Dickens is the Senior News Analyst at the Media Research Center. You can follow him on Twitter here

Geoffrey Dickens
Geoffrey Dickens
Geoffrey Dickens is the Deputy Research Director at the Media Research Center.