Ken Starr = Puritanical Peeping Tom! Patrick Fitzgerald = Sexy!

Back during the impeachment days of the late 90s Ken Starr was portrayed as an out-of-control prosecutor peeping through Bill Clinton's Oval Office window. Fast forward to this morning's Today show and we find Patrick Fitzgerald is getting the star treatment from People magazine.

At 7:51am Today had an exclusive unveiling of People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue and it turns out Fitzgerald made the list:

Katie Couric: "Do you have the thinking woman's sex symbol in there at any point?"

Julie Jordan, People magazine: "Yes. Yeah like we got lots of smart men. Patrick Fitzgerald. I love that he actually is..."

Couric: "The special prosecutor. Oh my gosh he must've been so freaked out when he got the call! He keeps dirty socks at work and apparently has pizza boxes up to the ceiling at his house."

NBC Today