Coulter Points Out Today's Double Standard

Republicans have taken a proper 'respect for the process' stance when it comes to Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation. This of course was a far cry from the treatment Ken Starr recieved where he was painted as an overzealous prosecutor by Clintonistas and the media. Today show was one of the many willing participants in the Starr bashing and thanks to Ann Coulter for pointing out that double standard.

During the 7:00am hour Matt Lauer posed the following question to Coulter:

Lauer: "We know the President has gone on the record. He said to me that he thinks the special prosecutor in this case is handling the investigation in an extremely dignified manner. So if indictments do come down how do Republicans react? Can some of them say this was all a sham?"

After catching up on a few points to Lauer's previous questions Coulter answered Lauer's Fitzgerald query:

Ann Coulter: "And by the way I do not think Republicans will do what Democrats did, we certainly haven't so far, and that is start attacking the prosecutor before we know what the charges are."

Lauer giving Fitzgerald the leeway Starr never recieved: "It's hard to attack this prosecutor at this particular moment wouldn't you agree?"

Coulter fired back: "It was hard to attack Ken Starr! He was a boy scout!"

Kudos to Ann on that strong comeback. Also of note was Today's graphic bias. During the Coulter segment Today ran this doubly-damning headline:

"Leak Investigation: Dirty Politics Or Broken Laws?"

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