What Are They Putting In Chris Matthews's Water?

What the heck is a "tangy meringue of maudlin and giddy?" Check out this overwrought introduction from last night's Hardball:

Chris Matthews: "In Washington, where no one`s ever late for a hanging, the sky is grim and cloudy. The mood, a tangy meringue of maudlin and giddy. The President today called the CIA leak probe a very serious investigation, is reported to be cranky and bitter, pointing blame at his top aides and the Vice President who he has reported to have said got too deep into the intel use to sell the Iraq war. Let`s play Hardball."

Later on Hardball special correspondent David Shuster went so far out on a limb in his forecast of doom for Karl Rove and Scooter Libby that even the New York Daily News' Tom DeFrank felt the need to distance himself from his report. First Shuster's dire forecast:

David Shuster: "Well, Chris, we have heard this a number of different ways today, but the most distinct version came this morning from the New York Times which reported that the President`s top advisor, Karl Rove and the Vice President`s chief of staff, Scooter Libby have now been advised they are in legal jeopardy. This comes as at a crucial phase in this case at a time when there is every indication that prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is ready to go back to his grand jury to seek criminal charges. It`s the development the Bush administration has long feared, after two years, lawyers say Patrick Fitzgerald is prepared to conclude his investigation and has indicated White House officials may soon be indicted. Legal sources say the prosecutors has been communicating with lawyers representing Karl Rove, Scooter Libby and others."

Immediately after the conclusion of Shuster's segment Matthews threw to DeFrank who, intentionally or not, embarrased Shuster:

Matthews: "Thank you, David Shuster. Tom DeFrank is the Washington bureau chief of the New York Daily News. And Andrea Mitchell is NBC`s chief foreign affairs correspondent. Tom, you`ve been hot on this story. What`s the latest?"

Tom DeFrank: "Well basically, we don`t know a lot. Anybody who tells you that he or she knows what`s going on within the grand jury and within the investigation, I think, really doesn`t know what`s happening. "

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