Hugo Chavez: Strongman With A Heart of Gold

If you only got your news about Hugo Chavez from the Today show you could only assume that he's a sweetheart of a guy. To date Today show has yet to fully report on, shall we say, Chavez's bad side. On this morning's Today at 8:11 am, Natalie Morales offered no context in her anchor brief about Reverend Jesse Jackson's trip to Venezuela.

Natalie Morales: "The Reverend Jesse Jackson is praising a plan offered by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Chavez says he will offer the U.S. cheap heating oil for poor communities as well as cooperate with U.S. anti-drug efforts. The two men are meeting in Caracas. Jackson has called on President Bush to condemn remarks by Pat Robertson who suggested Chavez should be assassinated."

I think it's fair to say the only conclusion a devoted viewer of Today can come away with is: Why is Pat Robertson picking on this guy? Why that Hugo Chavez is a friend of the poor and an ally in the war on drugs!





Geoffrey Dickens
Geoffrey Dickens
Geoffrey Dickens is the Deputy Research Director at the Media Research Center.